Devard & Devaughn Darling Football Camp

Devard & Devaughn Darling Football Camps promotes the interest of young Bahamian boys and girls in the sport of American football and are a huge favorite in the communities they serve.

The football camps are one of the core annual events for the As One Foundation. Held in the Bahamas, these camps are conducted free of charge for all participants. The participant numbers are limited to location capacity, coach-to-athlete ratio, and funding availability. The objectives of the camps reflect the mission of the foundation:

football-camplogo2009Athletic Endeavors – The AOF invites some of the best coaches in their respective sports to our camps. This provides participants with instruction designed to take their athletic ability to the next level. The location and administration of the camp is designed specifically to provide the participants with the proper facilities and equipment needed to excel at that sport. With demonstrate progress and achievement, participants will receive recognition through awards and gifts.
Educational Programming – Each camp incorporates a Life Skills and Academics component. Participants are introduced to a variety of activities and speakers that promote the development of character, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. The AOF invites speakers from various backgrounds to demonstrate the benefits of pursuing a higher education.

Spiritual Enrichment – The As One Foundation considers the spiritual development of our youth to be an important component of character. Through As One Ministries, the program demonstrates the importance of a Christ-centered life in all we do throughout each camp.

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We will not be holding football camps in Nassau or Freeport this year. You can get up-to-date information by signing up for our Newsletter, following us on Facebook, or Twitter. We look forward to returning to the Bahamian community in 2016!

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